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At Duke, we know that our success is based on our customers’ success. So we are not just here to sell you equipment. We’re here to help you build better, more successful, more profitable restaurants. Visit the Duke booth to learn how we can be your foodservice solutions partner. Go to NAFEM site.

Company Attendees

Our team will be available.

  • Jack & Robin Hake
  • Richard Arthur
  • Jennifer Crawford
  • Rafael Thissen
  • Dennis Headberg
  • Ron Kieffer
  • Paul Stephens
  • Doug George
  • Todd Taylor
  • Rick Garriga
  • Jim Klimt
  • Joe Rennon
  • Bob Schafer
  • Greg Hake
  • Phil Tiberio
  • Steve Shei
  • Dave Marvel
  • Pete Bigott
  • Randy Lines
  • Richard Ang
  • Rusty Nance
  • Lloyd Hartsfield
  • Ana Bella
  • Sandra Issa
  • Rob Reese
  • Steve Godar
  • Scott Graves
  • Mike McDermott
  • Doug Morrison
  • Jimmy Leist
  • Brent Jennings
  • Canyon Deville

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